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These fun videos were featured on our blog and will help teach you more SAT words :)

  • Friends - Part 8

    compulsive (adjective): resulting from or acting on an irresistible urge
  • Friends - Part 7

    panicking (verb): experiencing sudden uncontrollable fear
  • Friends - Part 6

    self-loathing (noun): hatred of oneself
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Part 2)

    revile (verb): criticize
    • The Lion King (Part 3)

      murkiest (adjective): dark and gloomy
      tenacity (noun): persistent determination
    • Friends - Part 5

      pedantic (adjective): obsessed with rules and book learning
    • Friends - Part 4

      jaunty (adjective): lively / cheerful
      cachet (noun): mark of official approval
    • Friends - Part 3

      sullies (verb): damages the integrity of
    • Friends - Part 2

      scoff (verb or noun): to mock
    • Friends - Part 1

      superficial (adjective): located near the surface
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