About SAT-com

The idea for SAT-com came when I was studying for the GRE. Conrad, the other half of the SAT-com team, was helping me with my vocabulary and I was stuck on the word pedantic. He said he always remembered it because it was used in an episode of Friends to describe Ross. He was right, I will always remember the word for "a person who is overly concerned with minor details, rules and academic learning."

I scoured the web and countless bookstores in search of a video that would help me learn vocabulary but unfortunately, despite the enormity of the study market, my search came up empty... and as a result SAT-com was created.

So how does it work?

Why is SAT-com better than the countless SAT-Vocabulary lists available? Because those books fail to successfully aid students in remembering vocabulary.

A key failure of these lists lies in their inability to provide a mnemonic aid, and therefore their information is forgotten straight away. Mnemonics are critical to successful study as they provide easy-to-remember constructs which can be related back to the word that is to be remembered. In simple terms, they make the information more meaningful, which helps secure it in your memory. You remember the character of Ross and by association you are able to remember the definition of pedantic. While the lists try to create mnemonics through sample sentences, these examples are simply dismissed by your brain as meaningless information and forgotten, they fail since they are unable to create a link in your mind.

The principle that the human mind much more easily remembers spatial, personal, surprising, humorous or otherwise meaningful information has been proven in numerous studies and has been effectively implemented by shows like Sesame Street for over 40 years. “Edutainment-based programming” has altered the way children absorb information by embedding lessons into a familiar form of entertainment and yet this proven medium has yet to be applied to young adult education. SAT-com is the first step towards changing that.

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